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Palo Corner Sofa Right Blue

Palo Corner Sofa Right Blue

Hmm, here’s something new on the radar. Not only does this sectional sofa possess the clean lines and modern form that we’re all after, it also can be rearranged as you see fit. Cushions and armrests may be moved (with the struts) to create different combinations. So, maybe you’ll get the Palo Corner Sofa Right in Blue (shown above), or maybe you prefer the smaller Two Seater in Grey (below) with the Ottoman to keep it company. Either way, there’s a certain satisfaction knowing you can mix things up in the future by adding or moving certain pieces around to fit your space.

Available in three different colors.
70% virgin wool upholstery.

Palo Two Seater Hem

Two Seater in Grey, $1,699.00

Palo Corner Sofa

Available from Hem, $2,599.00.

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