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Children’s Furniture

10 Grain Lounge Desk

Is it just me, or does it seem entirely unfair that kid furniture is looking pretty cool these days?

If only adult sized furniture were so multipurpose. The 10 Grain Lounge Desk can be used as a desk for a little brainiac, a chair for the introspective types, and with the aide of a little tape, an easel for the petite Picasso. The Lounge Desk is available in chili red or Small Paul® graphics.

25″L x 20″H x 16″D

Purchase Information:

Price: $225.00
Availability: Buy 10 Grain Lounge Desk here

petit chaise no.1

Another cute baby chair from Bookhou.

“Each chair is made from recycled furniture parts hardwood and plywood and will vary from piece to piece.”

dimensions: 13 H x 13 W x 15 D inches, seat height approx. 7 H in.

[posted by kris]

More information:

View petit chaise no.1 here

Felt Chair

Great Children’s Chair made of steam bent ash wood with removable industrial felt cover.

dimensions: 16 H x 14 W x 16 D inches/seat height approx. 8 H in.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $220
Availability: Buy Felt Chair here

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Rabbit Storage Box

This is just about the cutest storage box I’ve seen.

“A stylish storage box with a playful twist. Irresistible design with sweet rabbit-ears on top – a small friend to storage the children’s toys in. A practical storage box in three different sizes, the two bigger ones can even be used to sit on. On the lid there are two sweet rabbit-ears in natural leather that works as handles.”

Material: Varnished MDF, bottom in birchtree.
Color: white, birch and natural leather.

Small: W 21,5 cm x H 31 cm, $132.73
Medium: W 29 cm x H 41,5 cm, $181.21
Large: W 39,5 cm x H 56 cm, $229.70

Purchase Information:

Price: $132.73-$229.70
Availability: Buy Rabbit Storage Box here

Kids Furniture/Accessories by Nume

Man, kid’s furniture is a lot cooler now than it was in my day, and the stuff by Nume shown here proves it.

bed1: “This dreamy canopy bed can also be used as a sofa or play area.”
Birch ply, water-based finish; Mattress filling: pure English wool; Sides: felt wool; Canopy: natural cotton
Size1: 60″ x 48.5″ x 51.25″, $1999.00
Size2: 80″ x 48.5″ x 59″, $2499.00
Buy it here.

Washing Machine & Stove: cardboard,
12″ x 12″ x 18″, each $38.00
Buy it here.

pouf1: “This charming, soft play stool is filled with kapok, a natural vegetable fiber. Upholstered in cotton or wool, and available in three different patchwork color combinations as well as in several solids.”
23.5″ dia., $329.00
Buy it here.

table3: “Gorgeous and simple, this rectangular table with a contrasting drawer is enough to inspire the De Stijlist in all of us.”
pink or blue top.
27.5″ x 15.75″ x 19.75″, $419.00

Buy it here.

CUB Station & Stacker

This changing table and shelf both bring further confirmation that the modern baby room has more than enough options for stylish furniture. I’d say the shelf isn’t limited to a kid’s room either…

Also available in all white.

CUB Station:
“Changing table combined with all-purpose dresser, two doors concealing an inside shelf, removable changing panel which stows at Station base, fits many changing pads on the market.”

H38″ W37″ D20″, $575.00, Buy it here.

CUB Stacker:
“Five shelves. wall cleats for mounting included.”

H59″ W24″ D16″, $299.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $575.00
Availability: Buy CUB Station & Stacker here

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Panton Junior chair now on sale

If you’ve been eying the Panton Junior chair, now is your chance to get it for a song.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $115.00
Availability: Buy Panton Junior chair now on sale here

Kids@Work by Ora Ito

This is a great molded plywood desk for children which includes a cool notch for threading drawing paper across the desktop.

Purchase Information:

Price: £199.00
Availability: Buy Kids@Work by Ora Ito here

Vinyl Poof Elephant by zid zid kids

I don’t really like to use the word “cute”, but in this case, it’s entirely applicable. Love the silver elephant image on the powder blue background.

“They’re the perfect size for a child to sit on, but the bright, engaging designs and foam filling make them fun to climb on, too, and roll around, and just plain enjoy.”

High quality, durable vinyl. Insert is 100% recycled cotton. Zippered closures.

12 W x 12 H x 12 D

Purchase Information:

Price: $78
Availability: Buy Vinyl Poof Elephant by zid zid kids here

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Panton Junior

The Panton chair for kids is now available. 25% smaller than the original.

“Panton toyed with the idea of creating a child-size chair back in the 1960s, and drew up plans for its creation. Back then, production issues made the Panton Junior financially unfeasible, however the following decades brought new plastics technologies, and in 2006, Vitra introduced the Panton Junior. The chair is based on Panton’s original plans, complete with the smooth curves and fun shape of the larger Panton Chair. It’s crafted as a single piece of strong, flexible polypropylene with integral color that will not fade over time. Wonderfully durable and easy to clean, the Panton Junior is suitable for contract and residential use for children in pre-school and primary grades.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $115
Availability: Buy Panton Junior here

Uffizi Bunk Bed

Holy cow. This is the craziest/coolest bunk bed. It’s also possibly the most expensive one as well, but that is beside the point since it would no doubt imbue young children with excellent design sense.

“Designed by the artisan duo Jenny Argie and Andrew Thornton, the Uffizi can be considered as an architectural work given the interesting spaces it provides. Kids will love the cantilevers, semi-enclosed lower bunk, and window like openings. You may select different finishes for different parts of the bed giving you the opportunity to suit your own style.”

Made from sustainable hard wood and birch ply. All finishes are 100% nontoxic.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,850.00
Availability: Buy Uffizi Bunk Bed here

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Coco Rocker

What a great rocker for a baby. Available in wood and soon also available in plexi.

Rocks safely for birth to 20 lbs.


Purchase Information:

Price: $200.00
Availability: Buy Coco Rocker here

aarnio puppy

What kid wouldn’t love this chair?

Purchase Information:

Price: $44-$275
Availability: Buy aarnio puppy here


Modular sofa pieces for a children’s room. Great for building forts, sleeping or just all around fun.

Available in a number of colors. Completely removable upholstery.

51.25″ x 25.5″ x 15.75″

Polyurethane filling, upholstered in cotton, linen or wool

Purchase Information:

Price: $529
Availability: Buy sofa1 here

El Ultimo Gritto: K Blocks Table/Seating

Modular furniture can be extremely handy to have. Though this looks to be an excellent size for children, I’m sure adults could utilize the pieces just as well.

“The K Block is a modular object which on its own is a stool or extra seating and when not in use can be stacked in a sculptural way. Combinations of the K Block can be used to resolve different furniture requirements…Custom colors are also availale (minimum order is 100 pieces per special custom color). Suitable for outdoor or indoor use by children or adults alike.”

Extremely durable industrial polyethylene plastic.

Color Options: Lime Green, Red Orange, White

H 17.3 W 11 D 11.6

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Availability: Buy El Ultimo Gritto: K Blocks Table/Seating here