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Wet Lamp

Wet Lamp

An expletive would be apt to describe my total shock and pleasure upon finding this lamp.

“The WET Lamp is an elegant and playful series of glass lamps with an alluring water-submerged light bulb at its center. Putting an exposed light bulb in water certainly raises some eyebrows, but it also creates an intriguingly simple dimmer switch. When a thin silver rod is slid into the water, the WET Lamp turns on and becomes progressively brighter as the rod is submerged.
Despite its precarious concept, the Wet lamp is a completely safe and isolated system of low voltage power.”

Hand blown borosilicate glass, silicone gaskets, silver electrode and contact, 10W Xenon bulb with gold plug.

Small Clear: 4″H x 4″W, $199.00
Small Frosted: 4″H x 4″W, $219.00
Medium Clear: 6″H x 6.5″W, $299.00
Large Clear: 6″H x 8.5″W, $319.00


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