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Toto Storage Boxes

Toto Storage Boxes

Boxes, caddies, compartments, all these things help us organize the accoutrements necessary for our daily lives. The Toto Storage Boxes are pretty simple- they’re composed of birch wood and metal handles/shelves. Choose the right size to fit your needs. Perhaps the larger is fit for the office or studio? Maybe the smaller sizes are appropriate to organize bathroom accessories, makeup or jewelry?

Designer: Sung Wook Park

-Stamped metal shelf that slides out for storage
-Padded base to protect surface

Material: Birch wood / Powder Coated Metal

Shown above: Umbra Toto Storage Box, $30.00 (also available in white and purple)

Umbra Toto Storage Box tall
Toto Tall Storage Box , $30.00

Umbra Toto Storage Box small
Toto Small Storage Box, $20.00

Toto Storage Box

Available from Umbra, $30.00.

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