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Tool The Mathematician

Tool The Mathematician

Finally! These desk tools from Tom Dixon are now available online, and they’re just the kind of thing you want even if you don’t necessarily need them, or maybe that’s just me. Choose the whole set (Tool The Mathematician– includes a Ruler, Protractor, Set Square and Paper Clips for $130) or purchase the items separately (Tool The Golden Rule, $20, Tool The Copycat, $80, and Tool The Clip, $16). All pieces are cut from sheet brass.

Not suitable for children under 10 years old.

Design by Tom Dixon, 2013.
Also available from Tom Dixon’s shop.

Material(s): Sheet brass

Dimensions: 8.7″W X 12.1″D X 0.2″H

Tool The Copycat, $80.00

Available from YLiving, 130.00.

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