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The Soy Sauce Cruet

The Soy Sauce Cruet

A spill-proof Soy Sauce Cruet? Pfft, you say. I didn’t believe it either until seeing it in action. It has a beak-like spout that’s built into the adjustable cap; soy sauce (or olive oil or vinegar) simply flows out without a drip. Is this a game changer for anyone who loves their soy sauce (or olive oil or vinegar)? I think so.

Designer/Maker: The / Ishizuka Glass
Origin: JAPAN

Material: High-grade glass
Dimensions: Ø4.8 (BOTTOM) × H11.2 CM | 80 ML CAPACITY

The Soy Sauce Cruet

THE 醤油差し / Dripless Soy Sauce Cruet 01 from PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER on Vimeo.

Available from Ode to Things, $60.00.

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