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The Phytophiler No.2 (Mirrors) by Dossofiorito

The Phytophiler No.2 (Mirrors) by Dossofiorito

Is it a science experiment? Is it a plant pot? Is it art? Hmm, can it be all three? Functional appendages like magnifying glasses and mirrors encourage you to interact with a plant on more intimate terms. Have you properly studied the underside of a leaf, or the color of a newly formed bud? The Phytophiler series by Dossofiorito is composed of hand-thrown terracotta pots and the aforementioned appendages, and, after you add in the plant, you’ll be ready to “reflect on the larger emotional connections that link us to the natural world.”

The Phytophiler 2by Dossofiorito

Producer: Dossofiorito
Edition: Open Edition
Signature: Signed on Label
Material: Terracotta, Birch Plywood, Stainless Steel
Design Date: 2013

Dimensions: 30 x 33 x 33 cm
Diameter: 35 cm

The Phytophiler 2 Mirrors by Dossofiorito

Available from L'ArcoBaleno, $588.60.

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