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The Lucky Gardener DIY Kit

The Lucky Gardener DIY Kit

This DIY Terrarium Kit is meant for the untalented gardener, thank goodness. Hardy terrarium plant seeds are included along with a proprietary soil mix and a terrarium vessel, all designed to work together to make sure you get your plants thriving in no time.

There’s all sorts of embellishments (lichen, reindeer moss, plus a couple of tiny bunnies) to make it look like it came from somewhere else, so that others will be very impressed when you say you put it together yourself. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back for your future successful terrarium, or perhaps bookmark it as a gift for someone else.

Manufacturer: Twig Terrariums
Dimensions: 14″ x 7″

The Lucky Gardener DIY Kit

Also available directly from Twig Terrariums.

Available from Cooper Hewitt Shop, $85.00.

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