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Tegu 42-piece Block Set

Tegu 42-piece Block Set

Now, I’m no expert on kids, but I do know blocks are a mighty fine toy to have on hand when little ones are around. Wooden blocks are the best, of course, and if you add in magnets, well, then you’re set for time-consuming activities until they’re teenagers. Right?

Tegu Blocks have magnets embedded within their surfaces to make building easy and enjoyable. Each piece is built around a 30mm unit (that’s around 1″), so all blocks are compatible with the next. Start out with small kit or go big with the large 42-piece Set shown above, and have fun building cars and all sorts of architectural wonders with your kids, nieces, and/or nephews.

Made with Central American hardwoods and safe water-based finishes.

This set includes 42 blocks in nine shapes: 4 Tall Columns, 4 Medium Columns, 6 Short Planks, 6 Long Planks, 6 Mega Planks, 6 Cubes, 2 Parallelograms, 4 Short Angles and 4 Wheels.

Material: 100% Hardwood, Magnets
Design Country: USA
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 1+

Available from Tegu, 65.00 - 110.00.

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