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Tablée Wooden Cutlery

Tablée Wooden Cutlery

Will this wooden cutlery break? Possibly, if you press down too hard. Do they look cool/interesting? No doubt. These look very similar to some wooden cutlery I posted back in ’09, yet unfortunately the price is quite a bit more. I’ve included a few more wooden cutlery options below at lower price points.

Shown above: Tablée Wooden Cutlery: Each set includes a fork, knife, spoon and cotton napkin in a silk-screened pouch. $5 per set. Also available at Sprout Home for $4.50.

EcoWare Disposable Wooden Utensil Set
EcoWare Disposable Wooden Utensil Set: Each set includes a disposable wooden knife, fork, spoon and paper napkin. $0.70

Wooden Cutlery Utensils (100 pieces): 100 pieces of one type of utensil. Definitely the way to go if you’re needing a large amount. $8.75

Also check out Eco Friendly Wooden Cutlery Kit: Case of 50. $25.02 (Not using the image from the retailer since they’ve splashed their name across it, yuck.)

Available from The Future Perfect, 5.00.

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