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Stainless Steel Spoon Straws

Stainless Steel Spoon Straws

No need to wish upon a star for a fancy spoon straw, because here it is. Stir and sip your drink with the same utensil! Amazing, isn’t it? And I’m only partially being facetious, because it is actually a smart drink accessory.

Note: the spoon part is more of a stirrer than actual spoon- if you want more of a spoon bowl, this RSVP Endurance Spoon-Straw set (set of 4, $10.95) might be more of what you’re looking for. And, you might just want to get a straw cleaning brush, $3.95, as well.

Shown above:

Steel Collins Spoon Straw, 7.5″ Stainless Steel, 25 per pack, $39.95
(FYI, these stainless steel spoons on Amazon look remarkably similar, and you can get 48 pieces for $39.99. There are several other options as well.)

Steel Julep Spoon Straw, 5″ Stainless Steel, 25 per pack, $37.95

Available from Cocktail Kingdom, 37.95.

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