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Stainless Steel Bonsai Shears

Stainless Steel Bonsai Shears

Make Magazine’s recent mention of Bonsai Shears brought to mind one of my own recent experiences. For a while now I’ve attempted to keep alive a variety of plants, and I’ve been somewhat successful. However, out of all those experiences, perhaps the most disappointing was losing a small bonsai tree to the Texas weather (and my ineptitude).

A recent find of the Jabily succulent (Operculicarya decaryi), which can be grown as a bonsai and is easy to care for (lots of sun, lots of water), has offered redemption. Before the Jabily, I had two okay-ish pruners: one of which I never used because it was cheap and didn’t work well, and the other I reluctantly used, but it wasn’t exactly ergonomic. After the Jabily, I obtained two pairs of Japanese stainless steel butterfly scissors* of different size and function; I’m serious this time.

Having the right tool for the right job makes a difference, as you may know, and the proper pruning scissors I purchased work better and will last longer than my previous pairs. Also, as it often happens, because I invested a little more money I find myself taking extra care to wipe the blades and keep them in tip-top shape.

*I’ve been unable to find an online link to the exact scissors I purchased, but I bought them from Soko Hardware in San Francisco; I’d recommend taking a browse through their shop if you’re ever in the neighborhood, as it’s a complete treasure trove of all sorts of household goods.

Available from, 37.11.

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