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“Seconds” Plates

“Seconds” Plates

Jason Miller now has a set of dinner plates (four on left) and dessert plates (four on right, not shown to scale) to continue with his “Seconds” series. While I liked the
tea sets, I absolutely love the plates. Well done.

‘Products that are “seconds” are products that are not quite right. Jason Miller’s Seconds series challenges the rules that surround modern day consumer items. Who says the decoration has to be in the center? Who says a whole bird is better than half a bird? Made through conventional methods of mass production, the decals on Jason Miller’s tableware are intentionally applied “incorrectly.”‘

Each set of four contains 4 unique patterns.

Dinner Plates, set of four, $120.00, Buy it here.

Dessert Plates, set of four, $80.00, Buy it here.

Available August 1, 2008


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