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Sculptural Cork Container

Sculptural Cork Container

Seeing as it’s about time to get out the garden tools, these cork containers could be something to add to your shopping list. Potted plants are oh-so-necessary for small patios and balconies, not to mention the indoor territory, but it’s often hard to find pots that fit within the modern aesthetic… that don’t cost an arm and a leg, that is. Now, if you should choose these cork containers, you’d not need to worry one bit, as they’re a natural material, and they would blend right in with their surroundings. It should also be noted they’d do just fine as a storage container as well.

Available in 5 different sizes.
Sizes start at 7″ x 14″ and are available as large at 10″ x 3′.
Pricing for the smallest size is $60 and for the largest size $275.

Available from Bitters Co., 60.00 - 275.00.

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