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Saikai Toki Brass Objects

Saikai Toki Brass Objects

Let’s play a game. Which of these brass items is a trivet? A paper weight? What about a bottle opener? And the items below, which one is a candle stand? You might just want to add one of these Saikai Toki Objects to your desktop and/or favorite area of the home, as they’re small, useful and will add a semi-precious sheen to their surrounding space.

Bottle Opener, $75.00
Trivet, $86.00
Book End, $115.00
Paper Weight, $86.00

Incense Holder, $86.00
Candle Stand, $115.00
Pen Tray, $138.00
Clip Holder, $104.00

Available from The Future Perfect, $75.00 - 115.00.

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