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Reclaimed Wood Plug-In Planter

Reclaimed Wood Plug-In Planter

A reclaimed planter box, so what? As the ‘Plug-In’ part of the title might have clued you in, this planter box houses a hydroponic, self-watering system. Designed by Nick Behr and Sarah Burrows, the reclaimed wood box hides the mechanism that allows for different watering settings based on plant type to ensure proper nutrient intake, allowing you to grow your plants without your kitchen looking like a science laboratory- not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Other finishes available directly from Modern Sprout, plus a solar powered option ($219.00).

Modern Sprout Planter

Designed by Nick Behr and Sarah Burrows of Modern Sprout

Dimensions: 11” H x 17” W x 6” D
Materials: reclaimed wood
Powered by plug in cord.

Detailed diagram and instructions are included with system.
Plant and nutrient system are not included.
Modern Sprout recommends organic liquid nutrients, like Botanicare Pure Blend Pro.

Reclaimed Wood Plug-In Planter

Available from Dwell Store, 159.00.

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