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POV Planter

POV Planter

All right, what did you think this was at first glance? A strange hair decoration? A fireplace accessory? Nope, it’s a sturdy support for your leggy plants to climb and grow upon. The 3-D box design keeps things modern while contrasting nicely with the curvy lines of vines and foliage. Use them indoors or outside, as they’re made of powder-coated steel.

From Note Design Studio of Stockholm for Danish house Menu.

Small: 12.5″ h x 4.25″ w x 0.25″ d (32x11x0.5cm)
Medium: 16.5″ h x 8.75″ w x 0.25″ d (42x22x0.5cm)
Large: 24.5″ h x 13″ w x 0.25″ d (62x33x0.5cm)

Material: Powder coated steel

POV Planter

Available from A+R Store, $15.00 - 40.00.

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