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Penni Helicopter & Hishoue Airplane Kits

Penni Helicopter & Hishoue Airplane Kits

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, keep in mind that shipping times for all online purchases are nearing the cut off times…that being said, these kits seem like a great gift for a hobbyist.

Hishou Airplane Kit, $20.00, Buy it here.

This wooden airplane has working propellers and a light, aerodynamic design. It takes about 30 minutes to build, and comes with all the pieces necessary to create this compelling replica. Designed in Japan, its lightweight wood components combine to create a fun and intriguing project for anyone interested in building models.

Penni Helicopter Kit, $45.00, Buy it here.

The intricate Penni Helicopter is a perfect gift for a model-builder who enjoys a challenge. Lightweight and delicate, this classic helicopter design is made from all natural balsa wood. Careful assembly using the step-by-step instructions can result in hours of flying fun.

Available from A2Z Corp, 29.00.

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