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Paper Plates by Virginia Sin

Paper Plates by Virginia Sin

Super smart (porcelain) Paper Plates so you can have the summer feel without the waste.

“I shredded actual paper plates, which previously where used to mold the plates, and then combined the paper pulp with porcelain slip to create my own unique batch of environmentally sound paperclay. When paperclay is fired, some of the paper pulp burns away leaving a lightweight yet strong ceramic structure behind. This allows the porcelain-paperclay paper plates to be nearly as light as the actual paper plates. Also, to ensure everyday porcelain wear and tear, each of the plates are glazed on both sides.”

Microwave and dishwasher safe.
materials: porcelain paperclay

small: 5.5″x5.5″x1/8″, $35.00
medium: 8″x8″x1/8″, $65.00


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