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OP-vases by Bilge Nur Saltik

OP-vases by Bilge Nur Saltik

Finding spectacular gifts for those favorite people in your life probably isn’t at the top of your priority list just yet, but, don’t you worry, I’m on the hunt. May I turn your attention toward this vision of a flower seen through cut glass? Thanks to visual distortions created by a kaleidoscopic effect, just one flower gives the impression of a bouquet. Yes, it is expensive, but, man-oh-man is it pretty and strange and amazing. Conclusion: excellent, high budget gift.

Designer: Studio Bilge Nur Saltik

Each glass shield is “blown, formed and cut with exacting precision to create the desired optics.”

OP-vase 001 : h:33 cm, dia:15
OP-vase 002 : h:25 cm, dia:15
OP-vase 003 : h:15cm, dia:15

Available from designboom shop, $350.00 - 450.00.

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