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Moss Sanctuary

Moss Sanctuary

Sure, Botanica offers smaller Moss Sanctuaries, but it’s the medium size that may fit your favorite plant best. With a marble base and polycarbonate top, it’s a nicer planter than you’ll find at any garden supply shop (correct me if I’m wrong). Their Sanctuary-S “mini-mossarium” is worth a look, as it easily fit on a desk and features a teardrop top to direct water back onto the foliage.

Designer: Botanica

Materials: polycarbonate top and marble base
Comes with mister and microfibre bag for care

Size: 16 cm diameter x 14.5 cm high – open glass top suitable for small plants

Moss Sanctuary

Moss Sanctuary-S
Santuary-S “mini-mossarium”, $44.50 AUD

Available from The Minimalist, AUD35.50 - 129.00.

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