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MinifarmBox Rolling Patio Box

MinifarmBox Rolling Patio Box

Oh, it’s just a box, you say, so why does it cost $200+? Well, it has heavy-duty swivel casters, so you can move it around for maximum sun, it’s made from 100% untreated FSC certified cedar, so it’ll last for years and years, and the slatted base has a soil screen to keep things tidy. And, it takes less than ten minutes to assemble, meaning you’ll have a garden box for your patio or kitchen quicker than you can make dinner.

MinifarmBox Rolling Patio Box, $229.00
Dimensions: 48”³ Long x 24”³ Wide x 18”³ high

MinifarmBox Rolling Balcony Box
MinifarmBox Rolling Balcony Box, $209.00 (48″long x 16″wide x 16″high)

Minifarm Raised Garden Bed
Raised Garden Bed Kit, $159+ (various sizes)

Available from MinifarmBox, $229.00.

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