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Magnet 6

Magnet 6

These knob-like wooden things are magnets. Or, rather, these knob-like wooden things have magnets embedded within their rounded ends, to be precise. I bet you an imaginary nickel that these set of 6 magnets would look much nicer than any plastic magnets you’ve got hanging around, and I’d probably be right, unless you have some really cool plastic magnets that I don’t know about. Unlikely, but entirely possible.

Apologies in advance, but it appears that this retailer is based in Singapore, so if you’re located elsewhere you might need to pay a shipping fee.

Set of 6 magnets
Wood and magnet
Designer: graf
Maker: HIGHTIDE, Japan

Magnet 6 graf Hightide

Available from four&twenty.

Available from four&twenty, SGD39.00.

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