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Loll’s Containers

Loll’s Containers

So, with the nice weather here it might be time to add a few plants around your home. And, sure, your local plant nursery probably has plenty of decent pots and planters, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something a little better than decent? Perhaps something that hits the modern/minimal spot?

Take a look at Loll’s containers and tell me if they’re not better than these guys. Each planter is made from the recycled and recyclable poly material just like Loll’s furniture, and will withstand the test of time in whatever kind of weather. You’ll get slow drainage thanks to the joinery, or you can easily drill holes in the bottom if need be. A little assembly is required, as each piece is flat-packed for shipping.

rectangle 8 gallon, $160.00

Left: skinny 24 gallon, $319.00
Right: mondo single (14 gallon), $199.00

rectangle 5 gallon, $119.00

See the full collection at Loll Designs.

Available from Loll Designs, 119.00 and up.

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