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Jenny Gaynor Memory Vase

Jenny Gaynor Memory Vase

Hmm, could this be a perfect gift for a wedding/anniversary/etc.? Send up to 24 of your own (digital) photographs to be transferred onto this glass vase, specify the personalized inscription on the base, and bam, you’re done. There’s the option of color or black and white photos, though I’d encourage color. They’re pretty spectacular. Pricing starts at $150.00 for a 3″x6″ vase.

Custom made by Jenny Gaynor in Los Angeles.
Shown above: Grande Memory Vase (20″h x 7.5″w), $550.00

All photos via Jenny Gaynor.


left: Cylinder Memory Vase, 12″h x 5″w, $200.00
right: Brick Memory Vase, 10″h x 6″w, $250.00

Available from Jenny Gaynor, 150.00.

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