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Honey Pot & Oak Dipper

Honey Pot & Oak Dipper

Maybe you like your honey in a cute jar or bottle, but there are some of us who would like a honey receptacle to be visually quiet and serviceable, and to preferably reduce any drips that seem unavoidable with plastic bottles and lids. I’m thinking a glass jar is the way to go, and there are two that seem to fit the bill. Above you see the LSA Serve Honey Pot & Oak Dipper. It’s made of mouth-blown glass and has a ridged oak dipper for dispensing. The Honey Jar w/ Silicone Spoon from Blomus (below) is also a glass jar, yet it features a silicone spoon for drizzling. Which one is best*?

Shown above: LSA Serve Honey Pot & Oak Dipper, $50.00
Material: mouth-blown glass, oak dipper
Dimensions: H12.5cm / H5”

Honey Jar w/ Silicone Spoon

Honey Jar w/ Silicone Spoon, $23.39
Materials: Silicone, glass
Measures: 7.5″ H x 2.6″ Dia.

*Hmm, it might come down to a slight personal preference for the latter because of its size and two-in-one dipper/lid. Less fuss.

Available from Amara, $23.39 - 50.00 .

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