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Helios Table Lamp

Helios Table Lamp

Workstead is fast becoming a favorite lighting source, which is no surprise when you consider their array of fixtures with adjustable orientation. The Helios Table Lamp, a newer design, has a large brass dish positioned opposite a single light source. This brass dish partially obscures and reflects the light, echoing the movement of larger celestial bodies and their occasional eclipses. Choose from three varieties of stone for the base, including Carrara, Green Marble and Travertine.

Design Country: USA
Materials: Raw Brass With Marble or Travertine Base
Dimensions: Height – 18″, Disc – 12″, Base – 4″ Square

Helios Table Lamp by Workstead

Helios Table Lamp

Also available directly from Workstead

Available from Horne, $1,350.00.

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