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Guerrero Wedge

Guerrero Wedge

What the heck are these colorful wedge thingamajigs? As you might have guessed, they’re door stops, or, alternatively, paper weights, as GENMFGCO suggests. You could also throw one at someone when you need their attention, as they’re made from hard rubber, and won’t hurt them too terribly bad. I’m kidding, of course- don’t throw them at anyone (unless they really deserve it). The larger size will keep a door propped open while the smaller wedge is more suited to leveling wobbly tables.

-Tough urethane rubber from Pennsylvania
-Final assembly at GENMFGCO in Brooklyn

Available in two sizes.

Guerrero Wedge

Note: for some reason they’re now showing as unavailable. Shoot.

Available from GENMFGCO, $25.00.

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