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Geometric Terrariums

Geometric Terrariums

Are terrariums still on your wish list? It feels as if they’re not as popular as last season, however, I’d bet there’s still a fair amount of us that want to have a little indoor garden. We’re in luck, as there are quite a few options available over at Etsy. You’ll find more than a handful of sellers doing their best to tempt you with their geometric terrariums.

Above, Glass Terrarium from lonesomehobo, $65.00

Geometric Shape Terrarium
Geometric Shape Terrarium from jacquiesummer, $57.00

Moss ball terrarium
Japanese Moss Ball Aquarium from Pink Serissa, $24.00

Succulent Terrarium
Succulent Terrarium from lonesomehobo, $75.00

Available from Etsy, $24.00 - 75.00.

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