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Geno the Giraffe Toy Kit

Geno the Giraffe Toy Kit

Excuse me while I geek out a little bit over this cardboard Kinetic Creature. You build it from a simple tab-and-slot kit, and, when you turn the wire handle, the Giraffe (or rhino) walks along thanks to a simple mechanical motion. While it’s recommended for ages 11+, I think most everyone will find it a little fascinating. And, if you like the idea, be sure to look into Theo Jansen’s more advanced Strandbeest. There’s even Miniature Beast kits available for purchase on the Strandbeest web shop ($75); they’re slightly more complicated than these cardboard toys, but the reward looks to be worth the effort.

The kit includes 25 pre-cut and scored cardboard pieces, wire turn-handle, printed and online video instructions.

DIMENSIONS: 9.5″ T x 15.5″ L
DESIGNER: Kinetic Creatures

Rory the Rhino Toy Kit

Rory the Rhino Toy Kit, $40.00

Elly the Elephant, $39.95, is available on Kinetic Creatures’ website.

Available from Rare Device, $50.00.

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