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Fundamental Lamp

Fundamental Lamp

Stripes! It evokes a certain Memphis Group flavor, don’t you think? And, yes, you could probably make something similar if you had the tools (so, go ahead, make one). If you know you’re too lazy, then this little lamp by Brendan Timmins will set you back $160. A small price to pay for a cheery, striped light with a pink cord, don’t you think? More designs and colors are on Brendan Timmins’ site; contact him directly for those options.

Hang it as a pendant or place it on a table.

Materials: Painted pine, ceramic, braided cloth cord
Measurements: 7โ€ยณ x 7โ€ยณ x 4.25โ€ยณ

Fundamental Lamp by Brendan Timmins

Available from Sight Unseen, $160.00.

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