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Florafelt Vertical Planter

Florafelt Vertical Planter

Still looking for a vertical garden solution? This system from Florafelt looks super easy to use and has a decent price tag. It’s made from 100% recycled PET plastic felt attached to a rigid plastic panel and you can mount the whole thing to a wall or hang from mounting tabs. The Full 4-Pocket Vertical Planter ($44) is shown above, but other larger sizes are available as well. Check out the Living Wall Kits if you’re interested in a watering system.

-Easy to mount or hang from mounting tabs.
-Non-toxic, durable and UV resistant.
-Includes Root Wrappers and Soaker Hose.
-Plants sold separately.

FLORAFELT Full 12-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter, $98.00 (32″ wide x 24″ high x 1-1/2″ deep)

Available from Plants On Walls, 44.00.

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