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EYEteleporter by Juste Kostikovaite

EYEteleporter by Juste Kostikovaite

This is so ridiculous it’s wonderful. The EYEteleporter is a mask that displaces your eyesight. Put it on and you’ll either see the view point of your belly, above your head, or above your head, backwards, and upside down. Those three modes will hopefully insert a little bit of fun into your day at the office, as long as your coworkers don’t mind you wearing a large, cardboard, telescope-like contraption. Yes, you’ll look weird, but at least you’ll have fun.

“EyeTeleporter mask is made of high grammage corrugated cardboard, two mirrors โ€“ one convex, another flat (the mirrors are acrylic, non-breakable, safe to play with), some wood and a little bit of elastic band.”

Available from Kickstarter, $55.

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