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Exacto Series by Karl Zahn

Exacto Series by Karl Zahn

Do you use an Exacto blade? If so, you can now trick it out to be a fork… or a butter or cheese knife, if that better suits your usual lunch fare. Karl Zahn has created the Exacto Series for Shop Cooper Hewitt (in conjunction with โ€œTools: Extending our Reachโ€ย), and now you can be prepared with your very own set of semi-clean utensils at your work area, at any time- such convenience!*

Exacto Series by Karl Zahn

The Exacto Small Fork Set, Exacto Butter Knife, Exacto Cheese Knife, and extra Handles available.

Designer: Karl Zahn
Country: United States
Material: Stainless Steel

*Just be prepared to answer questions and/or strange looks when someone notices you switching out your blade.

Available from Shop Cooper Hewitt, $7.00 - 35.00 .

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