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Dovetail Vases

Dovetail Vases

Hand-drawn octopuses, houses, and bicycles adorn these delightful vases by Dovetail.

Octopus Vase, $40.00, Buy it here.
“Whether filled with flowers, lemonade or standing alone, this octopus is sure to draw attention. Deep, rich black, it wraps its tentacles all the way around the vessel. Use as a vase or pitcher. 8″ tall with a 3.5″ square base.”

Neighborhood Vase, $30.00, Buy it here.
“Squared at the base with a rounded lip and graphics visible on all sides, a Dovetail vase is an elegant addition to any table. Stands 6.5″ tall.”

Bicycle Vase, $26.00,
Buy it here.
“This small pitcher is a great detail piece: perfect as a creamer, bud vase or just a fun addition to your table.
Vase stands 5″ tall with a 2.75″ square base.”


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