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DORO Grill Fork, Set of 2

DORO Grill Fork, Set of 2

Is January too cold for gathering around a fire for some S’mores? Some of us think not, and will shortly add this set of 2 DORO Grill Forks to our carts. Simply thread a stick through the holes of the fork to keep it in place, and you have a sturdy fork for vegetables, sausages, or marshmallows, take your pick.

“The thicker the stick, the more the middle piece of the tool must be bent. The stainless steel is rotation symmetric and remains stable while rotating.”

Manufacturer: Swiss Advance
Country: Switzerland
Material: Stainless Spring Steel

DORO Grill Fork Set of 2

DORO Grill Fork

Available from Cooper-Hewitt Shop, $19.50.

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