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Dandelight by Studio Drift

Dandelight by Studio Drift

This is another wonderful sort of object we featured years ago (2008) and now deserves an update. Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift first started gluing dandelion seeds to LEDs a decade ago, and I think it’s now safe to say that the Dandelight is now somewhat of a design classic, made all the more certain by the MoMA Store offering it up for sale. Plus, right now, MoMA is offering free shipping and guaranteed holiday delivery(!).

Each seed is attached, one by one, to the LED light. Held aloft by a thin copper stem, the light is powered by a very visible 9 volt battery. Perhaps this could go into your ‘excellent gifts to give’ category? And, if you’re fond of this light, do be sure to take a look at Studio Drift’s Fragile Future III light sculpture.

Dandelight by Studio Drift

Designer: Studio Drift
Made in the Netherlands

Materials: Phosphor Bronze, real Dandelion seeds, and LED
Size: 7h x 4.5w x 1″d

Available from MoMA Store, $140.00.

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