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Cube Collection from Tom Dixon

Cube Collection from Tom Dixon

Strategic placement of these office tools will signal to the world that you mean business, as the heavy cube-like tools don’t mess around. They’re functional, of course, but they’re also “stripped of superfluous details.” Pretty serious, huh? But they’re also copper plated, which bounces light around for fun reflections, so let’s say they’re serious and fun.

“Crafted from a resilient zinc alloy, the Cube Collection is finished with a copper plate, adding luxe shine to each piece in the collection.”

Cube Collection Copper Desk Tidy Tray, $85.00
Cube Collection Copper Tape Dispenser, $85.00
Cube Collection Copper Stapler, $65.00
Cube Collection Copper Pen, $60.00

Cube Collection from Tom Dixon

Available from Dwell Store, $85.00.

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