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Cork Planters

Cork Planters

How about some cork containers for plants and such? There’s several sizes to suit your needs and you know that every plant will be pleased as punch to have a home in such a sustainable container. There’s also lidded Canisters (with cherry or walnut tops) for special sundries and a specific Coffee Canister ($125) that comes with a scoop.

Designer: Melanie Abrantes Designs

Cork Canisters

Small Cork + Cherry Canister, $156.00
Medium Cork + Cherry Canister, $196.00
Large Cork + Cherry Canister, $230.00
10″ Cork + Walnut Canister (above), $250.00

Small Cork Planter Melanie Abrantes Designs

Mini 4″ Cork Planter, $35.00
Small 5″ Cork Planter (pictured above), $48.00
Medium 6″ Cork Planter, $56.00
Large/Low 7.5″ Cork Planter, $68.00
Low Cork Planter 9.5″, $230.00
Large Modern 9.5″ Cork Planter (pictured below), $230.00

Cork Planters by Melanie Abrantes Designs

Available from Need Supply, $35.00 - 250.00.

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