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Concrete Desk Set

Concrete Desk Set

One thing is for sure, these desk accessories aren’t going anywhere. They’ll not be tipped over or jostled easily, as they’re made of hefty concrete with subtle, curved edges. We first posted this collection back in 2011, so you know they’ll not be lumped in with those ‘trendy’ sorts of office supplies. All pieces are hand-cast from solid concrete.

Concrete Desk Set

Designer: Magnus Pettersen
Set includes tape dispenser, pencil holder, and a small tray.

Tape Dispenser: 21.5 ร— 6.5 ร— H 8cm
Pen Holder: 8 ร— 8 ร— H 11cm
Small Dish: 12 ร— 8 ร— H 2.5cm

Available from Areaware, $50.00.

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