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Compact Weather Station

Compact Weather Station

Yes, you could rely on your smartphone for the weather forecast, but wouldn’t it be more fun to read an an aneroid-capsule barometer, bimetallic dial thermometer, and mechanical coil hygrometer, all from your desktop or kitchen counter? Those three tools are all in this Compact Weather Station, which measures in at 5″ diameter and 1.5″ depth. You’ll be able to read just what to expect from the climate, indoors and out, and look like an old school smartypants (in the best possible way) whilst doing so.

-Aneroid capsule barometer
-Bimetallic dial thermometer
-Barometer ± 2 mbar
-Thermometer ± 2 °F
-Hygrometer ± 5 % RH
-Not to be used above 3,000 ft.
-Two year warranty

Diameter: 5″
Depth: 1.5″

Materials: Brass housing, Mineral glass cover, Beryllium and copper alloy capsule

Made in Germany

Compact Weather Station

Available from Best Made Co., $148.00.

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