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CDT Large Gift Set

CDT Large Gift Set

Wait just a minute, there’s a CDT gift set and I didn’t know about it? Now you know, and I’ve just saved you the trouble of picking out an excellent gift for your design-minded-desk-accessory-loving friend, because this CDT set has a bunch of goodies: stapler, eraser, sticky notes, fountain pens, glue stick, and mechanical pencil. There’s also a smaller CDT Gift Set if you don’t like your friend all that much*.

Craft Design Technology (CDT) Set includes:
– Stapler
– Eraser
– Adhesive Notes
– Pencil Led
– 2 Plastic Fountain Pens (1 Red, 1 Black)
– Glue Stick
– Mechanical Pencil

CDT Large Gift Set

*Or you’re on a budget, which is more likely, because why would you get a gift for someone that’s an a-hole?

Available from Shop Cooper Hewitt, $60.00.


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