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Pinson Carafe

Pinson Carafe

This carafe by designer Céline Frébault (in collaboration with the Sentou gallery) incorporates a rather odd beaker-like handle, which fills when the carafe is full. As far as carafes go, it’s definitely got a high end (semi-mad-scientist?) look… any guesses as to the price? Is it $50, $100, $200?

If you guessed around the $100 mark, you are correct. It comes with a $115 price tag.

10″ high.

“I endeavour to keep only what is essential and to create object which functional, sober yet still elegant.” –Céline Frébault

Carafe Pinson

Updated price and link; originally from our archives (posted Aug 21, 2013).

Available from Luminaire, $100.00.

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