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Brass Pendant Lamps by Futagami

Brass Pendant Lamps by Futagami

Have you seen Futagami’s brass Pendant Lamps? Designed by Oji Masanori, each one has a perfect geometric shape that reflects a warm glow for just the right amount of richness. Choose between the Myojo faceted shade, the Hemisphere (shown above), the Cone, or the Star Shadow (not shown). Or, if you’ve got money to burn, choose several as a grouping above a dining table or island for a bigger statement.

Crafted entirely by hand at the renowned Futagami foundry in Takaoka city.
Includes pendant shade and canopy cup only.

Maker: Futagami
Designer: Oji Masanori

Hemisphere Pendant Lamp
Hemisphere Pendant Lamp, $380.00
Dimensions: 8.3” (w) x 8.3” (l) x 4.7” (h)

Myojo Pendant Lamp
Myojo Pendant Lamp, $395.00
Dimensions: 7.8” (w) x 7.8” (l) x 4.2” (h)

Cone Pendant Lamp in situ
Cone Pendant Lamp, $380.00
Dimensions: 7.1” (w) x 7.1” (l) x 5.5” (h) or 180mm

Available from Nalata Nalata, $380.00 - 395.00 .

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