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Bambus Glass Carafe

Bambus Glass Carafe

How about another nice carafe to hold your hydration source? This handblown carafe was inspired by the bamboo of Zen gardens; it has an elegant handle and a drinking glass that fits perfectly on top. As stated before, a carafe lets you rely less on plastic bottles of water (hooray!) and more on your own two feet… to get water from the office cooler or your fridge’s filter. Perhaps while you walk to replenish said water you can be thankful that it’s clean and plentiful, and that you’re crossing a distance of yards instead of miles, unlike lots of other people in other parts of the world. Did you know you’d get a guilt trip while reading about why a carafe is so great? Surprise, and you’re welcome.

Designed by studio Sottovoce

Materials: Hand blown borosilicate glass

-Includes cup
-Hand wash only
-Made in Italy

Bambus Glass Carafe

Available from Luminaire, $104.00.

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