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Akiko Petanque Bocce Game Set

Akiko Petanque Bocce Game Set

Pétanque, Bocce, Boule, whatever you decide to call it, any variation is a great lawn game for these last few days of summer. Six chrome boule balls and a target ball are all packaged in a teak box for storing and carrying the game. And what do you do? Throw the small target ball out into the lawn, then take turns trying to get your chrome boule/bocce balls closest to the target. That’s a simplified version, of course, and I’m sure there’s several fanatics that have steam coming out of their ears for my lack of specificity as to the rules, but the point is you’ve got to try it out at your next outdoor gathering, preferably with this nice Akiko Petanque Bocce Game Set.

A collaboration between Danish designer Hans Thyge and Japanese designer Akiko Kuwahata.

Dimensions: 11.2″ L x 8.4″ W x 4.8″ H
Weight: 20.20 lbs.
Materials: teak
Year: 2013
Made in Denmark.

Akiko Petanque Bocce Game Set

Available from Dwell Store, 199.00.

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