Symbol Audio Tabletop Hifi


You might completely dismiss this Tabletop Hifi from Symbol Audio once you learn its price, but if you’re serious about sound (i.e. audio geek) and interior aesthetics then you might just be happy to see the specs and available finishes. Using traditional speaker design, the Tabletop Hifi delivers high quality sound with “two 4 in. high efficiency full range drivers, with titanium cones, set in dampened cabinets, ported for optimum sound and paired with a down firing 5 1/4 in. subwoofer to create deep full bass response.” Enough technical specs to please the discerning, don’t you think? Plus, it’s available in all sorts of cabinet and speaker front finishes.

Symbol Audio Tabletop Hifi

Symbol Audio Tabletop Hifi

“For digital play simply connect a wireless router such as Apple’s Airport Express using the included 1/8″ audio cable and the TT1 can stream directly from your phone, iPod, iPad or computer. For a more analog experience simply connect a turntable and enjoy truly distinctive audio.”

available cabinet finishes: Natural Walnut, Jet Black, Glacier White, Electric Orange
available speaker front finishes: Natural Walnut, Natural Oak, Glacier White, Slate Gray

High efficiency 2.1 channel Class D amplifier
4” Full Range Speakers with Titanium Cone, Solid Aluminum Phase Plug & Santoprene Surround
5 1/4” Long-Throw Woofer with Poly Cone and Rubber Surround
110Hz 18/dB Octave Crossover
Subsonic filter on Subwoofer Channel
Adjustable Volume and Woofer Level Controls
1/8″ Stereo “Mini-Jack” Audio Input
8 watts per channel Stereo / 15.5 watts Subwoofer
*1/8″ audio cable included

Symbol Audio Tabletop Hifi details

Available from Symbol Audio, 1,800.00.

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