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Lucina Wearable Light

If you’re going to spend any time outside at night walking, running or biking, make sure you are visible to vehicles around you. Clip on the Lucina Wearable Light and you’ll do just that, with either a steady or flashing beam to alert others of your presence. The Lucina uses magnets, so it’s easy to fasten it to your shirt/coat, bag, or leggings. Just push a button to turn it on or off.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.50
Available from: Canoe

LED Smart Jump Rope

Who wants a smart jump rope? I do, I do! And you do too, because it shows your jump count midair with LED lights, which means you’ll be more motivated to hit your goals and therefore healthier. Right? Right. Set training intervals and track progress, all via the included Smart Gym mobile app. What about battery life, you ask? Because you will be jumping ALL THE EFFING time now? A two-hour USB charge will give you 36 hours of active use, which is plenty. You’ll need a break now and then, anyways.

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.99
Available from: Uncommon Goods

CW&T Jump Rope

This might be the nicest jump rope anyone has ever seen. CW&T (of Pen Type-A fame) recently released this beauty to the world, and it’s got handles machined out of solid 6061 aluminum and a leather cord. The handles’ inside edges have a precise fillet to make sure the rope is held at a tangent as it spins. Should you ever wear out the leather cord (way to go you- you’re just like Rocky!) you can simply replace it by tying a couple of knots.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from: CW&T