ReFleece iPad Sleeve


It’s an iPad sleeve, big deal. Except this one is made from reclaimed fleece jackets and sweaters, so it beats the pants off other normal sleeves (ba-dum ching!). The shells are lightweight, fuzzy, and water resistant thanks to a unique method of fabrication created by designer Sam Palmer. Every single case is made in the US from recycled materials that are sourced locally. There’s also a ReFleece Kindle Cover ($25, shown below), if you’re interested.

ReFleece iPad Sleeve

Made from reclaimed fleece jackets and sweaters.
Water resistant; not waterproof.
Materials: nylon, fleece, recycled PET
8.4″ L x 10.25″ W x .75″ H

ReFleece Kindle Cover
ReFleece Kindle Cover, $25.

Available from Uncommon Goods, 32.00.

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