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SWIMS (Galoshes)

SWIMS (Galoshes)

Galoshes updated to protect your shoes (and feet) during inclement weather:

SWIMS allows you to wear your favourite shoes regardless of weather conditions, while also providing a classy look. Slip’em on before walking wet or muddy streets and slip’em off when you arrive. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes will stay shiny and clean.

– Pull on & pull off loop – Intelligent fit and great stretch ensures a good fit – Our unique inner lining serves many purposes: Low frictition when slipping on & off, moisture prevention, insulation to keep feet warm in cold weather and a unique polishing action. – Extra traction helps for better grip on slippery surfaces – Shock-absorbing heal – Tear-resistant – Waterproof. The SWIMS Mobster is an overshoe much like the SWIMS Classic, but has an additional upper gaiter attached.

SWIMS Classic, 93,75 EUR
SWIMS Mobster, 123,75 EUR
SWIMS City Slipper (shown lower left), TBD (new)
Buy it here.

(apparently they’re also being sold at select Saks and Bloomingdale’s, but I had no luck with finding them on either website)


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